startup carriers & new routes

What We Do

  • We advise and assist companies aiming to start an airline and, also, airlines planning to starting new routes.
  • Our company can provide historical and current traffic data, along with route analysis; and, assist with airport interfaces for reservation, security and checkin.
  • We can prepare a business plan, incorporating traffic analyses and a feasibility study, as well as, project revenue and costs for investment proposals.

Who We Serve

  • Existing carriers seeking to open a new route or expand their capacity on an existing route.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to enter the aviation industry, as a public or private airline.
  • Governments and organizations planning to implement passenger or cargo air transport services.
  • Regular ethnic chartersRegular ethnic charters
  • Privately-owned scheduled carrierPrivately-owned scheduled carrier
  • Foreign to US scheduled flightsForeign to US scheduled flights