relief flights

What We Do

  • We arrange for commercial aircraft to operate Emergency Relief Flights and assist you with government filings in origination and destination countries.
  • Regular programs: We source suitable aircraft and assist you with loads and schedules, to meet needs at the destination site.
  • Ad-hoc needs: we enable aircraft services for either one-­-time or multiple event delivery locations, in a wide variety of conditions.

Who We Serve

  • Natural disasters: fixed or rotary wing aircraft to make deliveries where its needed most.
  • Urgent matters: pick-ups and/or drop-offs at normal or remote air fields.
  • Evacuations: fast response, dependable air carriers with passenger or cargo aircraft.
  • Peacekeaper missionsPeacekeaper missions
  • Repatriation tripsRepatriation trips
  • Emergency food deliveryEmergency food delivery