passenger charters

Who We Serve

  • We arrange for commercial aircraft to operate domestic and international passenger charter flights and assist you with government filings in origination and destination countries.
  • For public seat sales, we can provide historical and current traffic data for each route, along with analysis and feasibility; and, assist you with the reservation and checkin interface.
  • For private groups, we can customize your flight experience, on the ground and in the air, and at your option provide you with a representative at each stage of the flight.

What We Do

  • Ethnic travel: providing regularly scheduled flights to and from the home country.
  • Religious pilgrimages: flying to a special event and returning home following the event.
  • Incentives, championships, and concerts: timely transport to attend unique venues.
  • Fleet for religious pilgrimageFleet for religious pilgrimage
  • Seasonal student programsSeasonal student programs
  • Private group itinerariesPrivate group itineraries