cargo charters

What We Do

  • We arrange for commercial aircraft to operate domestic and international cargo charter flights and assist with government filings in origination and destination countries.
  • For regular shipments: we can provide aircraft with pallets and containers, as well as, standard handling facilities for departure, transit and arrival airports.
  • For special shipments: we develop and implement customized methods for each step of the transport, including cooperation between shippers, consignees, and customs.

Who We Serve

  • Outsize and/or heavy: special preparation, loading and unloading of unique items.
  • Livestock and perishables: pens and temperature zone controls, onboard courier as needed.
  • Entertainment: air transport for movies, concerts, theater, dance and orchestras.
  • Engineers & oil equipmentEngineers & oil equipment
  • Fresh fish for sushi marketFresh fish for sushi market
  • Personal goods shipmentsPersonal goods shipments